Dates for HTTP 1.1

These are from the calendar slides agreed to at the WG meeting
in Los Angeles.

	March 7	- Issue list triage
	March 8 - Issue list edit to reflect triage
	March 13 - Review issues
	March 15 - Feature list & structure of the document(s) set
	April 1 - Updated draft to W.G.
	April 2 - Start new issue list specifically on updated draft
	April 24- W.G. last call
	May 1	- IESG submission of 1.1 draft.

Note that the next WWW conference is May 6-10, in Paris.  I am
in the wedding party of a friend the weekend before this (May 4-5).
So if we don't make that date, it will likely miss by several weeks,
and the area directors made it clear that that was not acceptable.

People: PLEASE REVIEW THE ISSUES LIST ASAP.  Issues not raised now
will likely be deferred until later, unless critical.

			- Jim

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