Re: Variant IDsg

Larry Masinter:
>  Hi -
>   I think we're converging enough on models of caching theory in the
>face of content negotiation to ask folks to try to
>actually propose wording for use in the sections
>for  content negotiation and caching.


> I think the discussions
>about  vary and content-ID is interesting, and seems to
>be  converging enough for us to to be talking about the
>the words. Not just concepts. OK?

I just sent mail to Jeff and Roy to discuss details, so that we can
start writing words for the April draft.  I guess we will report to
the main list as soon as we have agreement.  I prefer to keep the
discussion of details off the mail list to reduce the s/n ratio.  If
other people want to join in, I suggest they mail me.

>           -- Larry


Received on Tuesday, 12 March 1996 16:51:39 UTC