Re: Footers and Chunked

Well the situation from my perspective is that I am quite happy
with the 1.1 spec for chunked encoding, I think that as specified 
it is OK. There is the one piece of wording which I would like to have
changed  which would have no impact on 1.1 generators but would allow 
later specs to possibly extend the chunked encoding. That is not so
important however.

What I was reacting to was a number of reports that the meeting at
the IETF had suddenly decided on a 90 degree turn, to change the spec
for the worse but without anyone being able to give a reason for
the change.

I don't think that there is actually any real disagreement, just some people
nervous that there might be. Chunked encoding has been suggested for a very
long time. I remember us discussing it back in '93. I really don't think that 
we need to kick it arround forever. Once one has decided to render a stream
as a sequence of chunks there are only three places where one can attach attributes, at the beginning, at the end and on each chunk. I se a need for the first and the second of these today, they allow digital signatures to be attached to d
dynamically created content. There is a posibility we might need the third at 
a later date so I would like us to hold open the door for that but not make
a commitment at this time. 


Received on Sunday, 10 March 1996 21:58:16 UTC