Re: Can proxies rewrite Date:?

Ari Luotonen:
>Neither one of the proxies I've written changes the Date: header, and
>I'm not aware of any proxy that does it.  I would say it's safe to
>trust the Date: header not to be mangled by intermediaries.

I believe that caching proxies are supposed to rewrite the Date:
header in a response that is refreshed with a `not modified' response
to a conditional GET.  See the last line of the 304 definition in the
1.0 draft spec.

I don't know if this is actually done, though.

But if the date header is part of the data digested for the
message-digest, this would certainly give problems under 1.1.

>Ari Luotonen


Received on Thursday, 7 March 1996 06:51:04 UTC