Re: Netscape Bug or KeepAlive Feature ?

>I think it would break binary files in weird ways.  For instance
>transfering an executable would cause it to gain 2 bytes on
>every transfer.  It would certainly break anything that contained
>a checksum.

I wasn't suggesting this. I was suggesting that we change the 
spec for www-url-encoded-form. I would not want to change the way 
binary files are transmitted!

The problem is that netscape is saying it is sending a content length of 36 
bytes but actually transfering 38. This is a bug IMHO. Whenever a length of 36 
is stated it should mean 36.

If Netscape is sending a bogus CRLF after binary files then I would expect 
problems to arise in any case. 


Received on Monday, 4 March 1996 13:42:16 UTC