Re: If-ID and Unless-ID Preconditions

> Now we can argue about the syntax of the Content-ID.  You write
>                Content-ID  =  "Content-ID" ":" cid
>                cid  =  <a content-id as defined in RFC 1521>
> I believe this means 
>                cid = local-part "@" domain

Actually, I should have put "msg-id" as in MIME, which is defined
by reference to RFC 822:

     msg-id      =  "<" addr-spec ">"

which is actually a bit more complicated than <local-part@domain>.

Suffice it to say that we should come up with a set of suggested
formats.  For instance, I like


but there are many other possibilities that give us the desired
characteristics of world-unique, must change if content changes,
and should not change if content remains the same (for that Request-URI).

The reason to stay with the MIME syntax is for maximum interoperability.
We should ask Ned if there are any plans/desires to change that syntax
before trying to come up with something more compact.

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