Re: Some randomness concerning chunked encoding.

This brings up some good points, because I would assert that chunked
encoding does not yet have consensus of this working group for anything
beyond experimental use (at this point). I have spoken with several people
who feel that it is an unnecessary mechanism at the wrong OSI level. So as
your paragraph below suggests, it does start to become a problem if people
start shipping/sending out software claiming to be HTTP/1.1.

I will post more a bit later regarding chunked encoding.

>This raises another problem. If I want to release a product that has
>a subset of 1.1 implemented what do I report in the protocol? If I
>report 1.0 this may be wrong because I may have used a non 1.0 feature.
>If I report 1.1 then this may also be wrong.
>		Phill
Alex Hopmann
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Received on Sunday, 3 March 1996 08:15:07 UTC