Re: Non Latin1 charsets (draft-holtman-http-negotiation-00.txt)

> > > If two alternates are differ by charset only, how
> > > specify preferred one?
> > 
> > By the quality factor.  This has been promoted in Lynx browser, and
> > I havent been able to see Netscape and Mosiac NCSA support this. -- Mirsad
> There is NO quality factor for Accept-Charset in current draft.

Yeah, remembered the thread.  However, from reviewing the thread I was not
near to understand why.  (I've noted who started the thread 'Charsets

It seems to me like a part of HTTP problematics, because it's decided here
which document to transfer.  To those whose native language/encoding is it may seem irrelevant, but to all the others it is a
matter of high importance (the only workaround here seem to be CGI scipts
which select language/charset to send -- yet they still need to know what
the client side wants.

So, IMVHO there should be a way to specify prefered language/encoding, with
quality factors (which fit into current scheme for Accept: header), or by
means of some other method.

Eg. I want document in my native language/encoding,
if there isn't one, I'd be happy with native language/us-ascii,
and fallback would be  --  Mirsad

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