Re: Proxies and Digest-MessageDigest

On Thu, 29 Feb 1996, Paul Leach wrote:

> Here's a proposed fixed description of Digest-MessageDigest to account 
> for proxies.

[Long proposal omitted]


This proposal goes way beyond the scope of the digest authentication
draft.  While it is certainly appropriate for discussion as part of the
HTTP working group, it is not appropriate for inclusion in the 
current digest-internet draft (which I hope to submit tomorrow).

Digest authentication is only an end-to-end authentication scheme.
Proxy authentication is important and needs to be addressed, but
must involve the participation of the subgroups dealing with proxies.

Also digest authentication at this point has at least three 
interoperable implementations.  We are only charged with remedying some
deficiencies in the draft specification which I hope we have done.
And I interpreted our charge as discouraging any big new (untested
and unimplemented) features.
Accordingly, as current draft editor I am going to say that your
suggestions will have to wait for a future authentication scheme
handling proxy authentication as well as end to end.

John Franks 	Dept of Math. Northwestern University

Received on Thursday, 29 February 1996 12:25:27 UTC