Re: Negotiation issue list

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Murray Altheim wrote:
> Koen,
> I may have a partial solution to the 'long list' problem. Note that one of
> the features of the modular DTD format is that each module has entities
> declared within:
> So for feature negotiation, you wouldn't need to specify each and every DTD
> module, simply the overall DTD plus any added extensions.

Well, except that we thus require HTTP servers, or the information 
repository they sit on top of, to "know" that a given FPI represents a 
superset of other FPI's - it the FPI's were just registered bits in a 
64-bit space, that superset would simply be represented by all those bits 
being turned on.  Just more reasons why server-side generation to match 
client-side capabilities is a rathole....


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