issue status, last update for a while

I've updated my 'issues' list once more.

I've not been able to get it into as clear a state as I'd like, nor to
to add Koen Holtman's list which he just posted this afternoon.

For those who will be in LA:

I don't think we'll have much time at IETF during the formal meeting
times to process the smaller issues, but if you're interested in
getting together other times to go through the issue list, please let
me know. Sunday evening, Wednesday lunch look good, possibly other

Here's the agenda of HTTP related issues; 

Sun, March 3, 2030-?? Bar BOF, see board for announcement

Mon, March 4, 0900-1130:
    HTML (on 'features')

Mon, March 4, 1300-1500:
    APP/TSV Applications/Transportation Joint Session BOF

Tue, March 5, 1300-1500:
    (M. Hedlund minutes)
    1300-1315 Status overview: subgroups, drafts, minutes, etc
    1315-1400 Cache subgroup status & issues
	   Jeff Mogul (probably)
    1405-1430 Content negotiation subgroup status & issues
	   Discussion by?
    1430-1500 State (cookies) status & issues
           Discussion led by?

Wed, March 6, 1145-1245: Lunch BOF, see board for announcement

Wed, March 6, 1300-1500:
    Web Transaction Security WG

Thu, March 7, 0900-1130:
    0900-0915 Extension mechanism status & issues
            Rohit Khare
    0915-0930 Persistent connection status & issues
    	    Alex Hoppman
    0930-1000 Range retrieval status & issues
    1005-1030 Digest Authentication status & issues
    1030-1100 Demographics features status & issues
    1100-1130 Future issues & work plan

I'd still like discussion presenters for the other topics (to
summarize agreements, issues), and someone to take minutes on

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