Re: Transparency vs. Performance: survey of opinion

Daniel DuBois writes:
 > At 09:36 PM 2/25/96 -0800, Shel Kaphan wrote:
 > >3. BUT: Clients SHOULD signal a server when the client may be ignoring
 > >the server's directives as to caching. Suggestions as to how this can
 > >be done are to introduce a new header (Cache-warning: <various
 > >options> (suggested by Koen)) or to use Jeff's Cache-control:
 > >stale-max=NNN (Roy's suggestion, though he wants to call it
 > >max-stale....whatever).  This will allow servers to take evasive
 > >action if clients inform them of their intent to live dangerously.
 > How does the UA or the User know in advance that it's going to 'live
 > dangerously'? 

It can't.  The UA can only know if, right now, it is set in a
non-default mode such as "never check".

 If at day X+1, when my laptop is not connected to the
 > network, I decide I want to go back and see the description of that book I
 > ordered, right before I hit the 'submit order', where's the server
 > notification?  What if I just go look directly in my Cache directry and pull
 > up tmp4df56.htm file in notepad: where's the server notification?
 > The whole debate about 'the server owns the data' reminds me of the PC game
 > piracy threads I read.  Software manufacturers go through all these
 > contortions to retain control over their data, but if a user really wants to
 > override those controls he can - the data's on his hard drive and he can do
 > as he pleases.

Indeed.  Once users have the data, they can do with it what they
please.  Even if it's illegal.  The discussion should be
about what the protocol allows and enables, and how, WHEN POSSIBLE,
UA's and servers can cooperate with each other and with users to make
things work as well as possible.

 > >4. Clients SHOULD inform the user, and provide an option to
 > >reconfigure, if a server makes cache control requests that the client
 > >has been configured to ignore.
 > I don't have a problem with this.  It's not a protocol issue (along with
 > most of this discussion really), per se, but implementation hints are IMHO
 > perfectly acceptable editors notes.

No argument here.

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