Re: I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-http-ses-ext-01.txt

On Thu, 22 Feb 1996, BearHeart / Bill Weinman wrote:

>    I would like to suggest a couple of things for the persistent 
> session spec: 
>    1) A specification for a CGI variable that would indicate 
> to a CGI program that a session is persistent. Perhaps called 
> SERVER_CONNECTION it would have the content of the *server's* 
> Connection: header for the last transaction. Using this with the 
> HTTP_CONNECTION variable would allow a CGI program to determine 
> if it's dealing with a persistent connection. 
>    This information would be useful for CGI state management. 
>    2) A method for a CGI program to originate request for a 
> persistent connection. Simply make the protocol bi-directional. 
> If the server originates a "Connection: persist" to the client, 
> the client may respond back with "Connection: persist" and the 
> exchanges could continue as already specified. 

These suggestions would only make sense if the persistant connection
is directly between a end user client and server. They immediately
break if a proxy is involved.

I am assuming that the latest draft hasn't changed completely the
earlier sense of persistent connections which makes the 
UA->proxy   and proxy->server connection persistentcy independant.
If it has, then I'll have more to say.

Dave Morris

Received on Sunday, 25 February 1996 18:39:44 UTC