Re: remove PATCH, COPY, MOVE, DELETE, etc.? Upgrade?

> 1)  there are likely to be disagreements about their form  (pure
> conjecture)
> 2)  we've not discussed them (hypermail pointer to
> discussion/consensus about these in our mail archive?)
> 3) there are no current implementations (pointers to existing
> implementations and their docuemntation?)
> 4) the form that these operations exist in within the HTTP/1.1
> specification has not had adequate review (list of HTTP-WG members who
> claim to have reviewed these sections carefully?)
> At least for items (2) - (4), counter evidence cheerfully accepted.

Here is counter evidence for (3) (wrt DELETE):

Implementations (shipping since mid-'95)
  <>	 - supported clients
  <> - the latest servers
  <>	 - a playground testing area
  or, on AOL, Keyword: NaviSoft

  My apologies in advance for our marketers' rather cavalier
  attitude towards technical precision.
  can be found online through those URLs; if you want hardcopy
  docs and media, or executables for unsupported platforms,
  send me mail.

However, since we're trying to nail down 1.1, I will concede (2) and (4)
in favor of leaving things as they were in 1.0 and spending the requisite
effort on publishing-related methods in an extension or later version.


Received on Friday, 23 February 1996 14:37:33 UTC