Re: Agenda for Transport/Apps BOF wrote:
  > --------------------------------------------------------
  > When: Monday, March 4, 1200-1430
  > Where: Los Angeles IETF
  > Chairs: Allison Mankin and Harald Alvestrand
  > This session will attempt to address the problems that the phenomenal
  > growth of the Web has caused, both related to the strains it puts on the
  > Web servers and the strain it puts on the infrastructure.
  > The session will start with some short introductions to illuminate
  > various parts of the problem and some examples of proposed solutions,
  > and thereafter, there will be the usual open discussion.

Sounds like an excellent idea, but the time of day is a bit odd.  It
leaves almost no time for lunch after the morning session (such as an
HTML session that will no doubt run long), and it overlaps with the
afternoon sessions.

How about 12:30-15:00, to completely overlap with the afternoon
sessions and allow a little more time for lunch?

Dave Kristol

Received on Friday, 23 February 1996 13:45:57 UTC