CGI in HTTP standards documents

CGI is currently not mentioned in either HTTP/1.0 or HTTP/1.1. I'm a
little wary about discussion of CGI in HTTP-WG, except insofar as the
existance of CGI might put some constraints on the 'typical HTTP

There's a proposal to start a new CGI working group that would develop
a CGI specification. Although many HTTP-WG members might also want to
participate in CGI development, I don't think that the work should be
done within this group, at least at this time.

There is an Internet draft for CGI. I suggest those who are interested
contact the author and initiate a new working group on the topic.

>       Title     : The WWW Common Gateway Interface Version 1.1            
>       Author(s) : D. Robinson
>       Filename  : draft-robinson-www-interface-01.txt, .ps
>       Pages     : 19
>       Date      : 02/15/1996

> The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) is a simple interface for running 
> external programs, software or gateways under an information server in a 
> platform-independent manner. Currently, the supported information servers 
> are HTTP servers.       
> The interface has been in use by the World-Wide Web since 1993. This 
> specification defines the interface known as `CGI/1.1', and its use on the 
> Unix(R) and AmigaDOS(tm) systems.                                          

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