Auth / APOP / RFC1734 / RFC1731

The IMAP4 auth mechanisms are ideal for persistant connections. RFC1731
specifes how KERBEROS_V4, GSSAPI and S/Key may be used. I assume that the
S/Key style definition may be extended to cover Digital Pathways SNK 
devices and Security Dynamics SecurID cards.


I have hinted at mechanisms in which I believe the multi handshakes used by
KERBEROS and GSSAPI  may be done within the existing http protocols.

S/Key is not a good candidate for an automatic per request mechanism because of
the usually limited number of auths before you need to re-set.

We already provide GSSAPI capable Telnet and FTP proxies. 

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Received on Tuesday, 20 February 1996 13:41:08 UTC