Re: FW: Number of connections


> Carlos said:
> ]
> ] How does the client signal, after being continuously pushing requests
> ] into the pipe, that it doesn't want anything else ?
> I'm not sure I understand the question.  I think the answer is that 
> when the client has no more requests to make, and has recieved all the 
> responses it wants to wait for, it closes the connection.

It could even shutdown the connection for writing when it's sure it has
sent all its requests. But, and this is my personal taste, I'd like the
client to send a last request (may be empty) indicating that it doesn't want
anything else from the server, rather than just shutting down the connection.

I don't like to rely on the return codes of the server's 
transport API to realize that the client doesn't want anything else.
In other words, the semantics of "the connection has been closed"
and "the client stops pushing requests into the pipeline" may differ.


Received on Friday, 16 February 1996 11:58:42 UTC