Re: FW: Number of connections

I hope we don't end up in a situation where a great, powerful, 
wonderful solution that never happens prevents a simple, 
not-so-powerful one from being quickly adopted. (If anything, I fear 
mine is already a tad complicated... and am hoping for some ideas from 
the list on how to simplify...)

But, I await your writeup.  If it's lots better and not much more 
complicated, I will drop mine. It would be nice if it subsumed 
"chunked", too -- then we'll only have to implement SCP.

Hopefully, an alternative proposal will prod you into finishing writing 
sooner rather than later.

] From: Alex Hopmann  <>
] To: Paul Leach;  <>
] Subject: Re: FW: Number of connections
] Date: Thursday, February 15, 1996 5:05PM
] I think this is a bad idea- Simon & I (& others) are working on a
] combination of HTTP/1.1 with Simon's SCP protocol that will handle this in a
] much more powerful fashion. Hopefully I will finish writing about it shortly.
] >(resend due to mail problem...)
] >
] >I was looking at the description of chunking, and realized that a
] >slight extension of chunking would allow for multiplexing the
] >connection between more than one pipelined request/response. This would
] >really reduce the incentive for browsers to open more than one connection.
] Alex Hopmann
] ResNova Software, Inc.

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