Re: Round 3: moving HTTP 1.0 to informational

Gavin Nicol writes:

> >The bottom line is that in current practice there is no default, and
> >IMHO recommended practice should be the same: no default, charset
> >compulsory.
> Quite. It's a pity we have to standardise behaviour that is
> incorrect. 

Well, as I see current practise, all the relevant servers and
clients that I see in our environment handles iso-8859-1 as the
default. And I live in a very 8859-1 dependent environment. So as
this is even the specified behaviour from olden times, and current
practise, I ask you to keep that in the spec, possibly with some
words that some very few servers/agents do not support it.
There was some wording mailed earlier that has such wording.


Received on Monday, 12 February 1996 15:21:55 UTC