Re: Round 3: moving HTTP 1.0 to informational

> It is a "you should've figured this one out already, but too many
> implementors have already screwed up on it" kind of sentence.  Given
> that Mosaic was the worst culprit, I'd like to see it in the spec. 
> How about:

>   Upon receipt of a media type with an unrecognized parameter,
>   a user agent should treat the media type as if the unrecognized
>   parameter and its value were not present.

I'm still confused. What did Mosaic do wrong that this wording would
have told them not to do?

>      Note: Many current HTTP servers provide data using charsets
>      other than "ISO-8859-1" without proper labelling.  This
>      situation reduces interoperability and is not recommended.
>      To compensate for this, some HTTP user agents provide a
>      configuration option to allow the user to change the default
>      interpretation of the media type character set when no
>      charset parameter is given.

> Which makes it clear what the protocol is versus what implemetation
> kludges are used.

yes, I like this.

Received on Sunday, 11 February 1996 01:24:27 UTC