Re: Signatures and Authentication information must go at end of meesage.

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> Hello all.
> I am trying to produce a spec for signatures and authentication info in HTTP 
> messages. There are two options:
> 1) Produce something broken which some people will like on artistic grounds
> 2) Find a way of attacking the signatures to the _end_ of the message.

Whatever you end up doing I think you should steal as much as you can
from RFC 1847 and 1848 to get the maximum commonality of mechanism and
labeling at all levels...

> This problem is in many ways similar to the previous discussions of ways to 
> avoid the need for specifying a content length in the message header while not 
> using lossage such as the mime "ohh the probability of collision is small" 
> kludge.

? There is nothing stopping MIME implementations from pre-scanning the
material they are to send to guarantee a unique boundary or from modifying
anything which might cause a false match.  Such modification is trivial
if you are using  quoated printable or base64 transfer encoding although
I can understand why you might not want the overhead.

Seems to me you either need a count in advance or a marker you can detect.
If you go for a marker, you need to either pre-scan, filter and diddle
the encoding to avoid false matches, or live with a probability of

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