Re: Length - any takers?

BearHeart wrote:
>   But that wasn't my question. 
>   I was wondering how to terminate it from the *client* side. 
>Multipart server-push objects that never end are becoming quite 
>common. If it's an error to just hang up on them, what is the 
>correct method? 
I don't see any problem with the client closing (Or reseting) a connection
to signify that it no longer wishes to receive the rest of a long (or
infinite) response. In fact a reset is probably appropriate rather than a
close. The HTTP Persistence group discussed reset vs. close a bit and
concluded that the ability to reset a connection does not seem to be an
undue burden to place on clients/servers that wish to abort something (And
in fact is the appropriate way to do so). While it was brought up that
certain APIs do not provide support for explicitly aborting a connection
that it is possible to do so (for example issueing a close with a linger of 0).

Alex Hopmann
ResNova Software, Inc.

Received on Monday, 5 February 1996 00:57:56 UTC