Re: Length - any takers?

>>>> However, closing the connection will still retain an important role in
>>>> the signaling of HTTP.
>>errors yes, end-of-object no.
>   If it is always an error to end a connection in the middle of 
>an object, then how does one "correctly" end a mulitpart server-push?

By ending between the objects, not in the middle of one.

H = headers		< = start of object	! = connection end
X = object payload	> = end of object 

H<xxxx><xxx><xxxxxx>!	- "correct" end
H<xxxx><xx><xxx><xxxx	- "incorrect" end

If a server takes care to always serve up complete objects, a client
can distinguish between:
	- HTTP error:
		the server ensures that the client receives a complete
		error response.
	- extra-protocol error: 
		the client receives no or partial response, due to
		lack of resources on the server-side, network
		disconnect, janitor unplugs machine to plug in vacuum,

In the first case, depending upon the error, the client should not retry
until conditions have changed (such as the user providing different

In the second case, the client may wish to retry immediately, in case
it is a transient error, or a bounced persistent connection.


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