Re: html, http, urls and internationalisation writes about URLs in more than ASCII.

I would propose that URLs be written in the charset of the 
document that references the url, possibly enhanced with
the extensions that we make to get further characters, 
for example &a-ring; or &#xxxx; 

This is the most natural way - users are then only restricted to
the charset that they use anyway, and normal HTML rules can
just prevail. If a server will understand this code it has to
have the capabilities to understand the extended URL notation anyway,
eg. by adequate charset conversion software.

I think that just using some kind of UCS would make it hard
when we have an environment where the html is in 8859-1 - that
would be mixing apples and oranges and thus very hard to maintain.


Received on Sunday, 28 January 1996 11:11:23 UTC