Re: Charsets revisited

> b) there is no body in a GET method, and no reason to add one;

So, the question about charset for query in URI left open?

> There's no quality factor for accept-encoding either. For me, it works
> best to think of 'charset' as a special kind of encoding, namely, one
> that is used to encode sequence-of-character, while other kinds of
> encodings are used to encode sequence-of-octet.

The draft says

   The Accept-Charset request-header field can be used to indicate 
   what character sets are acceptable for the response. This field 
   allows clients capable of understanding more comprehensive or 
   special-purpose character sets to signal that capability to a 
   server which is capable of representing documents in those 
   character sets.

Suppose I would like to get description of chess game in russian.
I know about special chess characters in Unicode. But if Unicode
is not available, then iso8859-5 would be sufficient.
My agent will send

	Accept-Charset: unicode-1-1-utf-8, iso-8859-5

Which text I would receive from server with BOTH versions?
Which text will be received, if header would look like below?

	Accept-Charset: iso-8859-5, unicode-1-1-utf-8

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