Re: elaboration on MIME and HTTP issue

It *is* absolutely vital that content be labelled. I expect any
standard that the HTTP working group produce make that a requirement.
On the other hand, an informational RFC that describes how HTTP works
today should tell the truth: there are servers all over the world that
don't label anything, and the results are unreliable and usually
result in gibberish. 

> In the current Netscape, I can set a preference about encodings, and if I
> choose "Japanese, auto-detect", not only do I get ugly fonts for my
> ISO-8859-1 text, but some IS0-8859-1 get mapped to inappropriate
> glyphs at display time. On the other hand, if I set it to ISO-8859-1,
> then my Japanes text comes out looking like garbage.

I agree, it's awful. How would you suggest describing the mess we've
got ourselves into?

Received on Thursday, 18 January 1996 18:58:22 UTC