HTTP/1.1 issues

Here is a brief list of the things that would have been in the
HTTP/1.1 draft, if we had time to put them in.  I will try to expand
on these issues later today, but wanted to get this out before most
people left work.

New headers:
   Extensions  (simpler than what Dave Kristol has proposed), or
      Agent-Profile    (cryptic list of tokens describing UA capability)
      Server-Profile   (cryptic list of tokens describing server capability)
   Mandatory   (list of headers/tokens that must be understood by recipient)
   Connection  (list of headers/tokens that only apply to the current connect)
   Keep-Alive  (the token that requests a short-term, stateless session)
               (the response header that indicates a session + parameters)
   Proxy-Authenticate   (what was in the last 1.0 draft)
   Proxy-Authorization  (what was in the last 1.0 draft)
   Orig-URI             (as discussed on the list)
   Base        (defined in relative URL spec)
New CTEs:
   packet      (Dan Connolly's old proposal)
   packet64    (same thing, but base64 encoded packets)
New methods
   OPTIONS (similar to the SESSION concept, but not implying anything)
   MULTI   (a generic version of MGET)
New AA
   Digest (just a pointer to the other draft)

and maybe
   Pragma      (redefine as a message header?)
   Date        (allow "+0000" to indicate GMT)

Have I forgotten something?

All of these are, of course, wide open to debate and will likely
be the source of heated discussion during/around/after the meeting.


Received on Friday, 31 March 1995 11:42:06 UTC