Re: proposal for a new html tag

On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Liam Relihan wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Mar 1995, Jeffrey Mogul wrote:
> > Agreed.  This is a somewhat different problem than the one which
> > started this thread, but I would really like to see a browser that
> > supported a "flatten" command (maybe "flatten 1 level", "flatten N levels",
> > and "flatten entirely" commands).  I don't know if this would require
> This is known as "folding" on some editing/hypertext systems. 
> If we are only interested in folding as a means to allow readers to skim 
> through text and selectively reveal interesting bits, then this just 
> requires a new tag in HTML and browsers that will fold/unfold text in 
> response to this tag. 

Folding is good.  It's the only way a Unix dweeb like me can handle the 
MacOS directory listing.  Folding where the act of expansion can involve 
a fetch of more HTML text (or other objects) to inline would be 

> Aside: Should a recursive fold be allowed ?

Yes, definitely.

Though this seems like it should be a www-html discussion....



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