Re: Why is Message-ID header in HTTP?

>Message-ID seems to me to be out of place as an HTTP header. I think it should 
>be removed, and if there is any existing use problem that needs to be 
>described, do this in an appendix treating it as an extension-header.

I disagree. There are several instances when it is usefull to be able to specify 
the message-id as a meta item. For example a HTTP server may be a news/mail 
gateway in its own right. A user with an HTTP client needs to be able to 
determine the Message Id used in certain circumstances. 

If we have proxy chains there is a great advantage in being able to index and 
identify messaged by an identifier.

I have always thought that its a pity this field was not made mandatory. 
Especialy for replies.


Received on Monday, 20 March 1995 08:11:13 UTC