New Web server for OS/2

I've just made my new Web server, GoServe 2.00, available; for full
details and the code package, see

This has evolved from a Gopher server (indeed, it can still be used as
one), and its Web features have been designed 'from scratch', with
particular emphasis on performance and usability.

The features that may be of interest to this working group are:

  * Conforms to the current HTTP/1.0 draft (I hope!)

  * Connections are handled by threads, not processes, and scripts are
    run on the same thread, for performance.  The primary script (which
    currently must be written in Rexx) is cached (run from tokenized
    copy in memory).  The sample script will run in under 15ms on a
    (slow) 486/33MHz PC, and simple transactions can complete in one
    OS/2 timeslice (<32ms).

  * All requests are passed through the script; this means that all
    requests may have additional HTTP headers, etc., added -- very
    handy for experimenting with the protocol or testing browsers.

  * There's a graphical user interface for the server owner, with an
    emphasis on reporting how the server is performing (for example, an
    active bar chart of response times for the last 100 transactions).

  * Write-through auditing, enforced limits, etc.  See documents.

If anyone would like a copy, please help yourself.  All comments or
questions are very welcome, of course.

Mike Cowlishaw
IBM Fellow
IBM UK Laboratories

Received on Thursday, 16 February 1995 03:45:18 UTC