Re: (hopefully) last question

> I am sorry to peruse this list (and Roy time!), but is seems that 
> www-talk is down - and yes, I am subscribed to it.

www-talk and all the other www-* mailing lists which is run from CERN
are down right now. We are about to set up a new mail service at W3C,
but it will still take a couple of days before we are there.

> Am I correct in inferring that the only difference between a (generic) client
> and a user agent, as far as is concerned in HTTP specifics, is that the 
> latter is *your* client which is making requests (or maybe just the part of
> the application devoted to this)?

The `client' and `server' definitions are separated from what we
normally think of as beeing the client and the server which of course
is the Line Mode Browser and the CERN server respectively ;-)

The reason for this is that we would like to decrease the difference
between a client and a server in HTTP. Any application should be able
to at any time to be a client and/or a server depending on which action
it wants to perfom. This is to keep the possibility open for extending
HTTP to have server communications for exchange of cache information

We use `user agent' and `origin server' to actually describe the Line
Mode Browser and the CERN server or whatever other application which
has chosen to be the origin location for either a request or a

-- cheers --

Henrik Frystyk

Received on Wednesday, 15 February 1995 09:01:24 UTC