Re: Getting full URI to the server

At 5:55 AM 2/13/95, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>Well, after reading all the comments, I have come to the following
>   1) Too many web developers work on the weekends;

Agree. (unfortunately)

>   2) Marketing has too much influence on web technology; and,


>   3) There's not much I can do about either one.

Disagree! You're working very hard to put together a good standard. If it
meets the needs of developers and users and gets accepted in a timely
fashion, this will have much more influence on the WWW than rogue
commercial development organizations.

>So, which one should we include in the 1.1 specification:
>   Host:

As you mentioned earlier, this is all that is *required*, since everything
else should be in the URL as received. It is certainly is easier to
implement because no parsing is required to extract this info.

>   Orig-URI: http//

On the other hand, this format is a little more work to parse, but contains
valuable information that is often lost or munged when data passes through
proxies, etc. Looking at just long-term usefulness, this version seems to
have a greater chance at being able to support multiple, unforeseen uses.
(it certainly makes implementing proxy servers easier...)

>Also, should it be:
>   a) recommended for all requests


>   b) recommended only for requests to standard URLs like / and /site.idx


>I am assuming that it will not be recommended for requests that already
>use the full URI, and that will remain the goal for 2.0.

Why not be consistent? Proxies can still munge a full URI as easily as they
can mangle a current version. Might as well maintain it unscathed in the
header field where the real server can grab it.

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