'Full-URI' header

My recent post was perhaps too terse: I intended to imply that 'if this
extension is indeed needed, then why isn't the proposal to add the
information as a header rather than modifying the Request line'.

As to whether the extension is needed, I'd lean towards Chuck Shotton's

In particular, I publish a page-tree (http://rexx.hursley.ibm.com/rexx)
whose address is actually an alias for www.hursley.ibm.com because I
expect to move it to a separate physical box as soon as the details
(like buying the hardware) can be finalized.  I've discovered that all
over the net, pages from my data are being quoted as at the 'www...'
address because some WWW clients are doing the back-substitution when
connecting to anything below the index.html.  Given the Full-URL (by
whatever means), I could warn people that they're using a suspect
address.  Without it, I can't.

Mike Cowlishaw

Received on Sunday, 12 February 1995 08:25:40 UTC