Re: Distribute copy of a document?

Dan writes:

> As query routing and hierarchical caching get deployed, I think it
> needs to go both ways: the server should be able to give back some
> variation on the "404 redirected" response that says "4?? redirected
> to multiple replicas" Also, the client needs to be able to request
> "GET any of these replicas..."

Funny that...I just added a "305 Multiple Choices" to the 1.1 spec last
night for the same purpose, but for handling redirection with URC sets.
The response would be a document, either text/html or urc/*, from 
which the choice can be selected manually or automatically.  Possible
media subtypes for urc would include

    urc/http       HTTP headers
    urc/usmarc     US-MARC data set
    urc/iafa       IAFA template
    urc/tei        TEI SGML header elements

I can think of many possiblities (some good, some bad), but this way
the URC can be protocol-independent and we can let the market decide
which is the "best" format.

......Roy Fielding   ICS Grad Student, University of California, Irvine  USA

Received on Saturday, 28 January 1995 18:11:07 UTC