Distribute copy of a document?

Hi all!
First, is there a mailing list/newsgroup devoted to http *questions*, as 
opposed to protocol issues?
At the moment, I am trying to understand what does it mean to have 
multiple language versions of a document, as hinted at in section 7.6
of the draft HTTP document.

The question (hopefully) directly related to this group is another, however.
In a distributed environment like WWW it is conceivable that a document is
present in many copies scattered throughout the world; for most of these 
documents it is not mandatory that the copies are *always* verbatim the 
same, but a slight delay in propagation can be allowed.
Would it be useful to add a Request Header Field to ask for possible 
duplicates of the URL, and a corresponding Response Header? This way, the
client could implement some Internet metric and choose the "nearest"

ciao, .mau.

Received on Wednesday, 25 January 1995 01:52:35 UTC