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       Title     : Byte Ranges With HTTP URLs
       Author(s) : A. Luotonen, J. Franks
       Filename  : draft-luotonen-http-url-byterange-00.txt
       Pages     : 7
       Date      : 06/21/1995

There are a number of Web applications that would benefit from being able
to request the server to give a byte range of a document. As an example an
Adobe PDF viewer needs to be able to access individual pages by byte range;
the table that defines those ranges is located at the end of the PDF file.

It may be argued that this should be left as a server-specific feature in
the opaque URL, as the "parameters" used in URLs that may be available or
useful can vary from server to server. However, there are reasons why
standardizing the byte range feature would be beneficial.

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