The extensions proposal draft was submitted with a date of 1/95, which
means it expires 7/95.  After that I guess it falls into a black hole.
I've gotten only a little feedback on it, most of the form "seems like
a good idea", and I know of no implementations as yet, including from
me (alas).

I have finally gotten myself to the point where I can consider
implementing parts of the extension mechanism in a server I've written,
but I need client-side collaborators to try things out.  Before I do
that, though, I would like to gauge the level of interest out there
from, say, NCSA, Netscape, Spyglass, etc. who might have a commercial
interest in adopting such a proposal for both clients and servers.  (As
is customary, I wouldn't construe any remarks by them as promises for

So:  who's interested?  Should we proceed?
Dave Kristol

Received on Friday, 9 June 1995 13:46:50 UTC