Re: Worries about content-length

> > Hmm, is it that much easier? In order for the server to guarantee that the
> > `random' string is unique it must parse the stream before it can generate
> > one and then it might as well calculate the content-length?
> You can guarantee (with adequate probability) that the end string is
> unique without parsing the data, by using a sufficiently good random
> number generator.
> I guarantee it.

Yes, but it's still a hack.  A simpler solution is to just pick a constant
byte value (020 springs to mind :-) and use that as an escape code.  It
doesn't fit into the MIME scheme of things, but it's 100% solid and simpler
to build than mime/multipart

Received on Monday, 8 May 1995 16:01:09 UTC