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> Anybody got a server doing digest auth ala the March 24 draft?  I just put
> it in emacs-w3, and need to test it.  MDA is next. :)

Yes, you can try <URL:> which is protected
by Digest authentication.  Use username "Mufasa" and password "CircleOfLife"
(with no quotation marks).  NOTE: You won't be able to access this without
a browser supporting Digest Authentication!

This is an implementation of the spec at
<URL:>.  It is an
authentication module for use with the WN server.  The code (except
for MD5 from RSA) is in the public domain.  While designed for use
with WN it should not be too difficult to modify for other servers.
The best way to get this code is get the WN distribution at and extract the files from the
directory named "experimental."

John Franks

Received on Sunday, 23 April 1995 16:28:45 UTC