Re: Multilingual WWW

>I tried to read it, but had some difficulty.  The HTML seems to be
>screwed up: The table of contents appears like a staircase, the fonts
>are extra-large (like everything's a header) and for some reason the
>browser won't let me look at the source.
I just checked again. Mosaic, Netscape, and Lynx all seem to deal with
it fine. The HTML is fairly plain too. The only slightly strange thing
about the source is that the TOC uses a <DL> but the <DT> tags have no
<DD>. What browser are you using? 

>I tried to print it to read it at leisure on the plane to WWW'95, but
>only obtained a mess with multiple pages printed on the same sheet.
>Something's wrong I'm afraid, please fix it as I am really really
>interested in your work.

Anyone else having problems? I have a feeling that your copy is

Received on Friday, 7 April 1995 11:43:03 UTC