Comments on latest draft

Just a few minor ones:

Section 4.3.4:  Mentioning that HTTP is not a MIME-conformant protocol,
without mentioning why, or at least a pointer to where in the spec this is
explained, leaves the reader a little cold.

Section 5.2.1:  The material on If-Modified-Since seems out of place.
Perhaps move it to the section on that header (5.4.7).

Section 5.2.3:  Mentioning HTML forms here should provide either a
definition of a FORM or a reference to the HTML spec.

Section 5.4.1:  Mentioning in-line images should have a reference to the
HTML spec.

Section 5.4.2:  The 'Note:' at the bottom has an extra period at the end.

Section 6.1:  The comment about "HTTP/1.0" being sufficient to
differentiate Full-Response and Simple-Response seems either superfluous or
wrong.  Why not make sure there is a 3 digit integer following it too?

Section 6.2.2:  I'm agreement with the momentum in the group meeting that
spec-ing this should be as bland as possible, not requiring a subset of

Eric W. Sink, Senior Software Engineer --

Received on Tuesday, 4 April 1995 15:10:13 UTC