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Happy new year

From: Joris Dobbelsteen <joris.dobbelsteen@mail.com>
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 16:01:04 +0100
To: "6Bone (E-mail)" <6Bone@isi.edu>, "Enum WG (E-mail)" <enum@ietf.org>, "FTPEXT WG (E-mail)" <ftp-wg@hethmon.com>, "IDR WG (E-mail)" <idr@merit.edu>, "IPng WG (E-mail)" <ipng@sunroof.eng.sun.com>, "IPTel WG (E-mail)" <iptel@lists.bell-labs.com>, "Kerberos WG (E-mail)" <ietf-krb-wg@anl.gov>, "Lynx-Dev (E-mail)" <lynx-dev@sig.net>, "NAT WG (E-mail)" <nat@livingston.com>, "OSPF WG (E-mail)" <OSPF@discuss.microsoft.com>, "WebDAV WG (E-mail)" <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>, "WREC WG (E-mail)" <wrec@cs.utk.edu>, "WWW WG (E-mail)" <http-wg@cuckoo.hpl.hp.com>
Message-ID: <000701c07403$aa00d8c0$01ff1fac@Joris2K.local>
To all WGs I'm subscribed to, nobody does it, so I'll just send it:

Happy new year and a good start of the new millennium

Hope I can say this for all members of the WGs...

- Joris
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