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Re: idempotence of POST

From: Alex Hopmann <hopmann@holonet.net>
Date: 18 Sep 96 20:20:37 -0700
To: Larry Masinter <masinter@parc.xerox.com>, http-wg%cuckoo.hpl.hp.com@hplb.hpl.hp.com
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Larry Masinter wrote:
>c) allow the return value of POST to indicate that the request
>   can be repeated safely.

Wouldn't the problem with (c) be that the client may be repeating the
request because of some failure the first time- IE: without receiving a
reply code. In that case the client would have no way to distinguish
between a request that could be retried and one that needs to prompt the

Alex Hopmann
ResNova Software
Received on Wednesday, 18 September 1996 20:29:59 UTC

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