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Call for Papers - Global Internet - IEEE Communications Magazine

From: Branislav Meandzija <bran@metacomm.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 1996 11:43:56 -0700
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The IEEE Communications Magazine is soliciting original
tutorial-style manuscripts for a planned Special Issue on
the Global Internet. From its origins as a US government
research project, the Internet has grown to become a major
component of the global world-wide network infrastructure,
linking millions of machines and tens of millions of users
around the world. If the Internet were a stock it would be
considered a market phenomenon, with sustained double-digit
growth and no apparent end in sight to its upward spiral. 

Over 70 countries have full TCP/IP Internet connectivity, 
and about 150 have at least e-mail services through IP or
via more limited means of connectivity (e.g., UUCP or Fidonet).

Given such phenomenal growth, the Global Internet is increasingly
viewed as the catalyst for a communications revolution resulting
in a plethora of new technological, economic, and social changes.
The focus of the special issue is on the technologies of the 
Internet, the technological changes driven by the emergence of
a truly Global Internet, and collateral economic and social 
issues. Papers are solicited on the following specific subjects:

        * Internet Applications - information retrieval,
         directory services, catalogs, search tools and
         user agents; electronic publishing; education;
         www; languages; collaborative work environments.
        * Internet Connectivity Infrastructure - service
         characteristics ("best effort" vs. guaranteed); 
         reliability (utility); addressing; multicasting;
         routing; protocols.
        * Internet Administrative Infrastructure - regulation;
         public policy; economics; standards.
        * Internet Security - security technology; export 
         controls; privacy.
        * Internet Management - protocols; agent technology;
         standards; platforms.
        * Internet Commerce - electronic banking; virtual 
         retailing; payment systems.

Submitted manuscripts must be no longer than 12 single-spaced 
pages. The cover page should include the title of the paper, 
a brief abstract, a list of keywords, and the full name, 
affiliation, postal address, telephone number, and electronic 
mail address of each author. Papers may be submitted in 
postscript format via e-mail or as hardcopy (six copies).  
Authors should obtain company and government clearances prior
to submission of papers. Papers should be submitted by 
October 31, 1996 to either of the guest co-editors. 

All papers will go through a peer-review process. They will be
judged with respect to their quality and relevance to the 
Special Issue and the IEEE Communications Magazine. 
Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by 
December 15, 1996. Final copies of accepted papers will 
be due by January 31, 1997. Publication is scheduled 
for May 1997.

Please submit manuscripts by October 31 to either:

Branislav Meandzija     - OR-           Lyman Chapin
Meta Communications, Inc.               BBN CORPORATION
322 North Cleveland Ave., Suite 100     10 Moulton Street
Oceanside, CA 92054 USA                 Cambridge, MA 02138 USA
Phone:  +1 619 721 6033                 Phone:  +1 617 873 3133
Fax:    +1 619 456 7472                 Fax:    +1 617 873 3243
e-mail: bran@metacomm.com               e-mail: lyman@bbn.com
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