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Re: Comments on the HTTP/1.0 draft.

From: Albert Lunde <Albert-Lunde@nwu.edu>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 1994 23:35:29 -0600 (CST)
Message-Id: <199412020535.AA169716529@casbah.acns.nwu.edu>
To: Ari Luotonen <luotonen@neon.mcom.com>
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Regarding line-break treatment, I agree that it is possible to
write a finite state machine which can usefully interpret
CR, LF, CRLF (but not LFCR) as end-of-line breaks.

I wrote such a program a year or two back to unscramble people's
mistakes with FTP ;)

However, I think this is too much of a burden to add to client

I'd rather accept the mix of LF or CRLF as line breaks or
treat LF as a line break and CR as white-space. (Both which
coexist with Unix-centric practice.)

(Even though I have a mac on my desk...)

If we were writing a standard from scratch, I'd insist on one
line break.

I think this issue has also wandered past in the HTML working group list
lately, I'm having trouble keeping the two straight  ;)

It would be nice of HTTP and HTML standards agreed on the treatment
of line breaks in text/html....

    Albert Lunde                      Albert-Lunde@nwu.edu
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