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Further revision of the agenda for IETF BOF on 7th December 1994

From: Dave Raggett <dsr@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 94 11:41:28 GMT
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This is a further revision to the agenda for the IETF meeting in San Jose.
                HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocol BOF 

                        Wednesday December 7th 1994                     


HTTP - the HyperText Transfer Protocol is an applications protocol which
serves as the basis of the World Wide Web distributed hypermedia system.
The principal goal of the BOF is to set up a working group to discuss
proposals for HTTP standardization. To clarify, and to a time-limited
extent start, the work of the group, work in progress will be presented
and priorities discussed.  There is not time in this BOF to go into
detailed discussion of the technical points.

The first presentation will be of the updated draft HTTP 1.0 specification.
The chair suggests that the group get this on the table as an RFC with the
mimimum delay before working on extensions. This will be followed by a
discussion of issues relating to HTTP as a basis for planning subsequent
work. Following this, there will be presentations on the current status of
work for security over the web; the file upload proposal; and recent work
that yields dramatic improvements in performance. The final section will
review the proposed charter and formally recommend (or not) the setting up
of an IETF working group for the HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Please send comments on the agenda to Dave Raggett <dsr@w3.org>


 5 mins {Presentation of Agenda
        {Changes to order of business


 35 mins Report from HTTP 1.0 review group (Roy Fielding,
                                            Henrik Nielsen
                                            and Bob Denny)

         During the report we would like people to flag concerns
         for subsequent discussion on the http-wg mailing list.

 20 mins HTTP Issues

         This is a brainstorming session to identify and subsequently
         priorize issues and concerns relating to HTTP. These will then
         be reported in the minutes and discussed on the mailing list.

 5 mins ---- COMFORT BREAK ----

HTTP Security:

10 mins Report on status (Tim Berners-Lee)
10 mins discussion

 5 mins Update on URI issues (Larry Masinter)

HTTP-NG: (Simon Spero/Dave Raggett)
        At the HTTP BOF in WWWF'94/Chicago we agreed to do some practical
        work on ideas for improving performance, and to report on this
        at the IETF meeting in San Jose. This presentation describes the
        dramatic performance gains that have been achieved by adding a
        session layer to tcp/ip and using a binary syntax for structured

        {Architecture and Requirements
30 mins {Specification overview
        {Implementation experience and 


20 mins {Formation of working group.
        {Discussion/Adoption of proposed charter


   HTTP 1.0 specification and description of HTTP-NG

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