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If you want agenda slots in Yokohama

From: Patrik Fältström <paf@cisco.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 19:45:12 -0400
To: discuss@apps.ietf.org
Message-ID: <42686274.1024343112@localhost>

thanks to Loa Andersson for this note


just a short reminder to those who have or are requesting agenda
slots at the MPLS WG in Yokohama. Please consider this when you
prepare for the meeting.

         It is not the purpose of a WG session to have
         presentation of the content of a document. It
         is assumed that all attendees will have read the
         drafts in advance of the meeting.

         For documents that are work-in-progress, the
         presentation should cover issues resolved since
         the last draft followed by open issues and
         controversial topics with the intent to reach a
         resolution of said issues and topics.

         For new work items, the presentation should focus on
         what the problem is and why it is necessary for the
         work group to address it.  Further it should be either
         shown how it falls within the existing charter or why
         and how the charter should be extended to encompass it.
         The solution should only be sketched.

         The appropriate way of bringing new work to the working
         group is to send a draft to the mailing list and promoting
         discussion on the list. Slots on the agenda should be used
         to discuss outstanding topics that has not be solved on the
         mailing list.

         For new proposals addressing issues where
         work-in-progess the presentation should focus
         on the (perceived) short-fallings of the existing
         work and why those issues need to be addressed
         both in terms of why they are required and why they
         cannot be addressed in the existing work.
         the new work must be related to existing work (i.e.
         compatible, mutually exclusive, outright replacement).
         Finally, the new solution should be skechted,
         explaining how the solution overcomes those issues.
         The primary purpose of this last part is to allow commentary
         from the floor, it should not be orientented toward selling
         the idea.

         In all cases only a limited number of slides should be used.
         Speakers should budget their at least 25% of their time to
         allow for questions.
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