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The Ezine that pays!

From: EzineBlaze <boommaster_99@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 13:26:14 -0600
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  Sponsor george sanders

We뭨e proud to present you with THE sensational new breakthrough in compensation. 

Finally an infinite earning plan that has all the crucial features that the strongest, most exciting and fastest high-income compensation plan can possibly have!
  EzineBlaze 3x5 Forced Infinite Re-Cycling Matrix
  New matrix always follows the line of Sponsorship
  Never lose your downline - They follow You
  Extremely lucrative and fast payments 
  The highest residual income possible
  Infinite Powerline earnings
Discover The Industry뭩 Most Ingenious Compensation Plan! 
This electrifying plan rewards your efforts in the most lucrative and effective way possible.
Here are the highlights: 

  Quick Start retail bonus$7.00 per personal enrollee!
  Solid Residual Income Just one matrix completion means $743 monthly
  Re-entry -No cap on earnings! After matrix completion a new one opens
  NEW! Matrix fills due spillover, downline AND SIDELINE activity!
  Infinite earnings! Downline follows in new matrix in line of sponsorship
  Huge Infinity Powerline earnings to compensate leadership
  Easy qualification
This revolutionary plan is designed to create solid monthly 4 and 5 figure incomes for many. 

Due to our downline sales commission and our quick start compensation most will get their subscription on self funding within the fastest time frame possible. 

We can뭪 think of any other plan that is as long term as this one! This plan sustains maximum growth. Here뭩 MLM at its best! 
  Quick Start Enroller Bonuses Phase 1
You'll EARN an extra $7.00 for every EzineBlaze member you personally enroll. No matter where they are placed within your 3X5 matrix. For example if you enroll 11 members yourself, you will earn 11 x $7.00 = $77 in Quick Start Bonuses

  Residual 3x5 Infinite Re-Cycle Matrix Commissions Phase 2
Infinite Cycle 3x5 residual bonuses pays out a monthlyResidual Income: $743.25

Note: After your matrix is completed you will automatically get a re-entry in your sponsor's matrix on the next available free position in his matrix and there you will start a new matrix. Your completed matrices will pay you every month. Your downline will follow you at your ID.
 Residual Monthly Infinite Recycle Matrix Commissions
 Level # of Distributors $ Per Distributor Total Revenue
 1 3 $ 1.00 $    3.00
 2 9 $ 1.25 $  11.25
 3 27 $ 1.50 $  40.50
 4 81 $ 1.75 $ 141.75
 5 243 $ 2.25 $ 546.75
 Totals 363   $ 743.25

Once this matrix is completed you re-enter in the next available spot in your line of sponsorship in your sponsor's matrix and start a new one. 

Each time you re-enter a new matrix a $27.94 product and set-up fee will be subtracted from your commissions. The $17.97 hosting and maintenance fee will be deducted monthly per matrix. 

  Powerline Leadership Residuals Phase 3
Our Powerline Leadership Residuals can add up to a $1.00 INFINITE per month.

Extra 멖eavy Hitter compensation. Powerline commissions are extra additional leadership Rewardings within our highly lucrative phase 1 and 2 Monthly Residual Income Matrixes and our PRO upgrades. 
Our Powerline Leadership Residuals can add up to a $1.00 INFINITE per month, per position, per matrix and beyond. This type of rewarding has been developed to max out our compensation plan to the fullest degree possible. 
With our infinite recycling matrices and our straight infinity powerline you can rest assured that you will always have approximately 90% of all of your downline within your payzone! This is something that is highly exceptional in MLM.
 Personally enroll 6 Matrix Earning positions

Earn $0.50 per 멝atrix Earning positions in own Powerline (on monthly recurrings) on all open volume down to the next Director in your powerline.
 Executive Personally enroll 12 Matrix Earning positions

Earn +$0.50 in own Powerline, so up to $1.00 per 멝atrix Earning positions (on monthly recurrings) will be added on all open volume down to the next Executive.
Earn $0.50 per 멝atrix Earning positions in Director powerlines in your own Powerline (on monthly recurrings) on all open volume down to the next Director in your powerline
&quot;The Straight Infinity Powerline Commissions are paid without borders
It will follow you in unlimited matrices andoutside those&quot;

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