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Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 02:11:34 -0500
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Dear sir/madam,

I am PRINCE AZU ZUBBY the Chief Accountant of the Nigerian 
National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) headquarters in 
Lagos , Nigeria. I reliably got your contact from Nigeria 
Chamber of Commerce. 
I have no reason to doubt your honesty and credibility 
hence I make this proposal to you. Please, treat with 
utmost confidence and excuse me for the embarrassment 
this letter might cause you as we have not met or known 
each other before.

I have the mandate of my colleagues in office to solicite 
for your assistance for a deal we want to execute, My 
Corporation (NNPC) awarded a contract of US$86,700,000.00 
(Eighty - Six Million, Seven Hundred Thousand U.S Dollars) 
to a Foreign firms to supply Rig & Drilling Equipment for 
Kaduna Refinery here in Nigeria but because of my position, 
this contract was over invoiced to US$115,300,000.00 (One 
Hundred and Fifteen Million, Three Hundred Thousand 
United State Dollars). The origina the contractors that 
executed the project, now we are left with the over- 
invoice sum of US$28,600,000.00 (Twenty Eight Million, Six 
Hundred Thousand U.S.Dollars Only).

All arrangements have been concluded on how this money
would be moved. Our constraints lie on the fact that
we required a foreign firm or individual account number 
where the money will be paid into; whose owner will be 
portrayed as a contract beneficiary of fund.
Infact this is why I am writing you this letter.
NOTE:- There is no risk involved as we have taken care, 
loopholes covered.

As a civil servant, we are aware that some financial
assistance would be required to conclude this job, we
are prepared to give as much as 35% of the total sum
to whoever that is willing to assist, while 60% of the
total sum will go for me and my colleagues. To this
effect, 5% would be earmarked to cover all the expenses 
(Local and International). This is because the process 
would pass through some Directors in the Ministry of 
Finance and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
These officials might require some tips to facilitate
payment without delay since they are not aware of the

Please, should you be willing to assist, we shall require 
the following information to enable us put claim mediately. 
Your bank name, Address and Account Number, Fax number of 
the Bank where the money will be transferred into.

But should you not be in a position to assist, this deal 
has to remain a secret till the end of time. It is 
important I mention that the officials involved in this 
transaction are top Government Functionaries who have 
put in years of service to this Country. For the aintenance 
of personal integrity and prestige of all persons involved 
in this transaction, you are implored to exhibit utmost 
secrecy throughout the duration of the transaction. You 
are strongly advise to avoid discussing this You may open a 
separate bank account in any Country for this purpose if 
you wish. All arrangements of this transfer for this 
quarter payment for the year, 2002 has been properly 
organised and further action awaits your immediate 
response. Hurry and send to me the Account Number where the 
money will be transferred into, so that we can start to 
process for the approval of this payment. Please, call me 
on my direct number TEL: 234 - 803-3483746, 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


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